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A Simple Weekly Ritual

After weeks of traveling, amazing adventures, ups and downs; I've finally had some time to nourish my skin. When you're on the go and on a budget it can be hard to pamper yourself the way you deserve. Tonight I made a simple avocado and honey mask.

The results? Soft, lush, glowing skin!

What you need:

1 quarter of an avocado (not fully ripe)

1 tablespoon of organic honey

Mash avocado to your desire with honey in a bowl. Apply to face for about twenty minutes.

Rinse with luke warm water and pat skin dry.

Apply your favorite eye cream and moisturizer.

Note: For best results exfoliate the skin before hand. Removing the top layer of dead skin cells will allow the mask to penetrate deeper.

Why avocado and honey?

Packed with anitioxidants, rich with fatty acids, and high in potassium avocado is a wonder fruit. The antioxidants make it useful in healing sun damaged skin while allowing it become more supple. Fatty acids and potassium help in moisturizing the skin. Avocado oil has also been known to help with conditions such as psoriasis and eczema.

Honey has anti-microbrial properties and is a natural antioxidant, which helps the skin from damaging sun rays. It also helps to support the skins ability to rejuvinate and refresh depleted skin. Minor acne problems can also be alleviated by the use of honey. Apply honey as a spot treatment to acne and leave over night.

It's the bee's knees!

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