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The Mindful Practice of Loving Yourself by not Giving a F#ck

This year I turned 30. That’s right the big three o. With that came a wave of emotions, a crash of feelings, a what the fuck am I doing here?

And all the though I still wonder what the fuck I’m doing here, am I doing it right, am I doing it at all, I’ve also had a sense of ease wash over me with the practice of not giving a fuck.

The weight of what society thinks I should be, how I should act, who I should love came down hard on me this year. It wasn’t any specific instance. It was what I was programmed to feel since I was a little girl. That I couldn’t be whole till I was married. Till my career was in place. Till I had children. Till I paid my bills on time. Till I was an “adult".

Then BAM it hit me.It was okay to not give a fuck. I had decided to bless myself with the freedom to be me. To embrace who I was in that moment, this moment, the present. Not even close to perfect, still figuring her shit out, but with a ferocious intensity that is granted to you when you accept and love yourself.

Now I don’t mean not giving a fuck about your life. You should give a lot of fucks for that. It a precious gift we’ve been granted.

What I mean is love yourself on all levels. Love yourself fiercely and with purpose. Love yourself just as you are, every flaw, every tangled piece of hair, every crooked tooth. Love your beauty and embrace your gifts in whatever form they make take. Love yourself wildly. Love yourself madly. Love yourself by not giving a fuck.

#spirituality #zen #yoga #badass

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