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Breath Deeply

Your sadness is actually strength. Those tender spots that feel so weak, that is your strength, that is where your garden grows from. It does not break but it bends. Breathe deeply in those dark crevices because that is where self lies. In the darkest of caverns, waiting for you to let go of the fear, let go of the worry, let go of the insecurity. Step down each stair of this cavern, in the blackest of blacks, breath deep, and trust that true self is waiting, under a cloak of fire, There to guide you in the darkest of darks, there to burn away your misguided perceptions, and keep you warm even in the coldest of colds. So again I say breath deeply into the saddest, darkest, coldest corners of your heart and feel your strength rise up from the embers, feel your heart pound through your chest, because those fragile, tender spots which have turned into strength have taught you what it is to be alive and what not to take for granted.

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